The {translate} TAG returns a String, representing the translation of the requested key. This translation can be piped through sprintf, for text replacements.


  • key - (required, string) The key to be fetched from the translation file.

  • default - (optional, string) The string to be returned if the key could NOT be found.

  • namespace - (optional, string) The namespace to fetch the translation from.

  • sprintf - (optional, string) One or more arguments for the replacement. If the number of arguments is lower than in the translated string, nothing will be returned.

    • delimiter - (optional if sprint is set, string) The delimiter string, that separates the sprintf arguments. Default is (,) comma.


{load_translation name="example"}
   `<title>`{translate key="title"}`</title>`
  {translate key="welcome" sprintf=$USER->getName()}!

  {translate key="intro" sprintf="username,$USER->getName()"}
  {translate key="intro2" sprintf="email:root@localhost" delimiter=":"}