FIXME document all attributes for Bigace 3.0

The languageChooser ViewHelper does something ...

-> Since BIGACE 3.0

Further infos at the ViewHelper languageChooser() PHPDoc.


  • $languages - (required, array) The $languages array define the list of languages to be displayed. If languages is null or an empty array, all available languages will be loaded.

  • $options - (optional, array) The $options define an key-value array of options for the resulting HTML.

Options can be one or many of these:

  • title (boolean, default: false) whether to include the language name in the link

  • alt (string)

  • spacer (string)

  • css (string)

  • locale (string)

  • directory (string)

  • active (string)

  • hideActive (boolean, default: false) whether to hide the current active language

  • images (boolean, default: true) whether to use images as link items


This example shows a simple lanagage chosser, that renders all languages with default settings.


  echo $this->languageChooser();