The {addthis_widget_drop} TAG shows the ADD This widget at the page where you put it to.

The AddThis Widget shows bookmarking links to the most important social bookmarking sites.

See a demo at: http://www.addthis.com/

-> Since BIGACE 2.5 (probably)

Please note: If you want to use statistics you need to put in your AddThis username, which has nothing todo with your BIGAEC username! You must register at http://www.addthis.com/register first. To watch your statistics you need to login at the AddThis website as well!


  • username - (optional, string) A username for statistic purpose

  • link - (optional, string) The URL to be bookmarked (if passed, 'item' will be ignored)

  • item - (optional, Item) The item which should be bookmarked (will be ignored if 'link' is set)

  • title - (optional, string) Name for the bookmark (if not set, the URL will be used)


This example shows how to add a default AddThis widget with activated statistics.

   `<title>`AddThis for {$MENU->getName()}`</title>`
   {addthis_widget_drop username="dummy" item=$MENU}