Bigace Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the BIGACE CMS!

This documentation looks funky, as it is an auto-import from a dokuwiki installation, using the DokuWiki-to-Markdown-Converter. It was imported to keep the history of Bigace alive, without the need of hosting the old infrastructure.

  • Install BIGACE - Step-by-step to your new Bigace driven website
  • Upgrade your System - Step-by-step to the next Bigace Version
  • Plugins & Extensions - A list of existing addon's, plugins, templates and modules
  • User Manual - Using BIGACE and its Administration, editing content, resizing images ...
  • Developer - Extending Bigace with your code. Write plugins, design layouts
  • Administrator - Administrate and configure your Bigace installation


Quick links:


  • Portlets - creation and customization of Portlets
  • Smarty - using templates in external applications
  • Search - integrate search in your design
  • Plugins - how to build installable Plugins
  • Modules - a short introduction

Core API:

More stuff:

Code Snippets:

Administration & Configuration

  • URL Rewriting - SEO friendly (beauty) URLs
  • LightHTTPD - for those using this light-weight webserver
  • IIS - using BIGACE on Windows servers
  • User attributes - configure the available user attributes
  • Languages - create new languages
  • Updates - administrate and install updates
  • Community configuration - understand and change the Community configuration
  • FCKeditor - internals, configuration and updating
  • Captcha - changing the used implementation
  • SSL - for authentication and administration
  • .htaccess - protect your system and increase your data security
  • Config files - the most important configurations at a glance
  • Database tuning - Expert level: increase the speed of item calls
  • Move to a new Server - transfering BIGACE to a new host
  • UTF8 - UTF8 and migration infos (for upgrading to 2.5)
  • FileLogger - write log entries to a file instead of the database

Core Development: