Error Code 67108868 (Connection failed)


Server connection timed out


This error can show up either if a feed could not be loaded (see below) or if the connection to the Bigace server (e.g. for fetching a list of plugins) timed-out.

Feed could not be fetched

The requested feed could not be fetched by your webserver. Feeds are requested for example when opening the bigace:manual:index to display News and incoming links.

Possible reasons for this error are: 1. the webserver has no permissions to load the feeds 2. the requested feed is (temporarily) not available 3. a timeout - just retry

In the first case, talk to your administrator.

In the other cases, just wait for about 24 hours, that is the default caching period before the feeds are reloaded.

Bigace v2

In Bigace 2.x we used the {{|MagpieRSS}} Framework to fetch and parse the feeds. Read throught its requirements to find out what must be changed.