Menu Administration

In this dialog, you can configure your menus.


Because most of the attributes are language dependend, you can configure each language version different.


The menus name is for example used for displaying navigations structures, sitemaps...

Unique URL

The Unique URL is a feature introduced with BIGACE 2.4. It allows you to configure a system wide unique identifier, so your page is accessable (only if .htaccess is activated!) through a even more SEO friendly URL. Lets say you configured "index.html" as Unique URL. Then this page is accessable by a URL like

This feature is also known as Permalink.


Enter any catchwords (or TAGS) you like to remember this page. Catchwords are searchable and are displayed by some templates.


The description of your page is shown in the default search formular. The information is also often displayed in templates.


Modules are small PHP scripts, that will be embedded in your page (if your template loads it, which is default behaviour). There are several modules available for download at the Plugins page.


The layout or design is used to render your menu. It describes the HTML structure of your page. Read more about the default Designs and about the used Templates.


If this page uses a workflow, the workflows name is shown, otherwise the select box is empty.

Show Menu

Whether this menu is shown in navigations, sitemaps and search results. There are some dialogs where this page is still shown, like the administration or menu select popup used for selecting links in the editor.