This pages explains the classic menu adminstration. Looking for infos about the regular menu administration? Go here.

Browse the menu tree and edit permissions, categories or menu attributes. You can preview the current page or change its position in the tree.

By clicking the folder icon in front of the page name, you can navigate through your page hierarchy. The language flag opens the administration for the choosen language version. The Edit icon opens the configured default browser for your system.

Please review the menu-attributes article, to find our about the possible settings for each page.

History of the "classical" menu administration

The classical menu administration is a left-over from BIGACE 2.3 and earlier. Compared to the Menu Tree Administration is has a completely different view and handling (Look&Feel), which uses almost no Javascript. Many user find it more easy to navigate the page-tree that way instead using the a explorer-like view, so it was kept and renamed to "classical".