SEO - Search Engine optimization

This extension is a package of tools and Smarty TAGs, meant to easify your life, making BIGACE more search engine friendly.

You should consider, reading the article about URL Rewriting (really important for SEO) as well!

__PLEASE NOTE:__ The current version works, but it has only a small number of functions right now. Please post any thoughts you have about existing and future releases in the forum!

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Quick Intro


* Register for Google Analytics to get your ID
* put [{google_analytics  id='UA-xxxxxx-x'}](smarty_tags/google_analytics){google_analytics} in your template
* wait for a day


* Use Piwik for user statistics (read [{piwik}](smarty_tags/piwik) for more information)
* put [{piwik}](smarty_tags/piwik) in your template
* enjoy your "live" tracking data right away


* add /plugins/seo/sitemap-v09.php  at your google webmaster sitemap tools
* wait for a day :-P

Configurable HTML Metatags:

  • After installation, activate the Plugin at Extensions -> Administration -> Plugins

  • Open a page and edit the values (title, author, robots)

  • Create a page and fill in the values for your metatags

  • Use {metatags} in your template


  1. Smarty TAGs:
  2. Google Sitemap: see below for usage
  3. To use Piwik instead of Google Analytics, please read the {piwik} documentation

Google Sitemap

The Sitemap is multi language, so all pages that are NOT hidden can be indexed!

You need a Google Account for using the Google Webmaster Tools.

Lets assume you installed BIGACE at then you supply the Sitemap URL

Read more about the XML Sitemap Standard at:

Note: This format is supported by all the major search engines, you are not bound to Google!

I just mention Google explicit, because here in Germany it's the only Search engine that is really important...

Sitemap for all major Search Engines

If you use URL Rewriting, you can even go one step further and edit you .htaccess file in the BIGACE root folder: /.htaccess

Add the following line:

RewriteRule ^sitemap.xml$ ./plugins/seo/sitemap-v09.php

/sitemap.xml is the default place to look for a sitemap, so it should hopefully be found even without explicit registration.

The new Rewrite Rule should be the first in your .htaccess:

RewriteEngine On 
RewriteRule ^sitemap.xml$ ./plugins/seo/sitemap-v09.php
# other default rewrite stuff
# ...

You can also specify your sitemap in your /robots.txt with the folowing line:<code> Sitemap: /plugins/seo/sitemap-v09.php </code>