Port of the CrystalX template by Dragonslayer.

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Tested with Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Google Crome v2, Firefox v3

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  • Printer Friendly

  • Configured thru dashboard

  • Portlets (in the right panel)

  • Language (session)

  • Language (pages)

  • Google Analytics if ID configurerad (requires SEO extension)

  • Help-page (translatable)

  • Configurable search (on /off)

  • AddThis in "strip" if not RSS is installed (unfinished)

  • AddThis Analytics if ID configured

  • "Breadcrumbs"

  • Menus for subpages (else description)

  • Selectable "TopLevel"

  • Application ready (header,template,footer)

  • Editor in "popup"

  • Installation packet

  • Portlet administration in footer

  • Portlet ON/OFF

  • Custom Header Text or use SiteName

  • Custom favicon.ico from commuinity public dir

  • Support for News and Comments


{{:bigace:extensions:smarty:crystalx.png|CrystalX Screenshot}}


The following configurations are available in the package "":

  1. Header.Text (string default CrystalX)
  2. Home.In.Navigation (bolean)
  3. Show.Template.Help (bolean default TRUE)
  4. Use.As.Topmenu (menu id)
  5. Use.Portlets (bolean)
  6. Use.Search (bolean)
  7. Use.sitename (bolean default false) Descriptions:
  8. The white text used on top of page if not sitename is used.
  9. Enable a menu tab for your top page.
  10. Shows the help-page with the current settings used by the template.
  11. Select your top page used by the template.
  12. Select true if you wanna use portlets
  13. Enable or disable the search future from top of page
  14. Select to use your sitename instead of Header.Text

The following shared configurations are used by the package "":

  1. community: Copyright.holder
  2. community: sitename
  3. search: minimum.word.length
  4. seo: AddThis.UserName (added by this package)
  5. seo: (added by this package) Descriptions:
  6. You should put your or your company name here.
  7. Your site name.
  8. The minimum numbers of characters used for search.
  9. Your AddThis username
  10. Your Google Analytics site ID

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