The wayHome ViewHelper returns an array of items, from the current page up to the toplevel page.

This can be useful for example to:

  • display a breadcrumb menu

  • find out in which level you are

  • collapse the current menu in your navigation and display its children

-> Since BIGACE 3.0


  • $item - (required, Item|array) The $item to fetch the way-home for, most often this will be the current menu.

  • $showHidden - (optional, boolean) Whether hiddden files should be included in the way-home. This is useful if you want to display a breadcrumb where you leave-out hidden pages.


This example shows to load and display a simple breadcrumb menu for the current page.

$breadcrumbs = $this->wayHome($this->MENU, true);
$amount = count($breadcrumbs);

if($amount > 0)
    `<ul id="breadcrumbs">`
        $i = 0;
        foreach ($breadcrumbs as $id => $item) { 
            echo '<li';
            if($i == 0) echo ' class="first"';
            if($i == $amount-1) echo ' class="last"';
            echo '><a href="'.$this->link($item).'">'.$item->getName().'</a></li>';

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