Tip of the Day

Tip of the Day is a Extension Module, which displays a random "tip", consisting of a "title", "link" and "text". Tips are stored in your BIGACE DB in a separate table.

Tips can be added, modified or deleted with a new Administration Panel, see "Extensions" -> "Tip of the Day".

With each request, one random "tip" is fetched from the pool.

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To edit the tips, you must be the SuperUser OR you assign the GroupPermission "tipoftheday" and assign it to your administrating UserGroup.

Integration by Module

If you want to use the module "Tip of the day" add the following Code to your page content:

  • {TIP-OF-THE-DAY} = the text of the tip

  • {NAME-OF-THE-DAY} = the title of the tip

  • {LINK-OF-THE-DAY} = the url of the tip

The replacement will be done ONLY if {TIP-OF-THE-DAY} can be found within the menus content. Otherwise the Tip will be appended at the Pages Bottom.

Integration by Smarty TAG

Have a look at the {tip_of_the_day} Smarty TAG docu.