This module renders a list of image thumnbnails, linked to one category. On click, the image is shown full size, as overlay.

Uses the Slimbox jQuery Plugin to display full size versions.

Also compatible for user with deactivated Javascript!

A lot of configurations are available, for a full list see below (and screenshot).

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Fotogallery detail page



  • Show all images, linked to a selectable category.

  • Can be used on multiple pages, each page has its own set of configurations. Create multiple pages with different Galleries (categories).

  • Configurable Thumbnail height.

  • Configurable display order.

  • Configurable display of Name and description.


  • To configure a gallery, your user needs to be in a usergroup which owns the permission "fotogallery_admin"

  • Attention: In older version (until 1.7) the permission was not even assigned to Administrators. You need to do that manually before you will see the "Settings" link.


  1. Create a category (choose a descriptive name like "Gallery birthday images")
  2. Assign this category to all images that shall be displayed
  3. Assign the module to the page that will display the gallery
  4. Open the page and there the modul settings
  5. Choose the category and save
  6. Reload the page - images should show up


  1. Image category - the category the images are linked to
  2. Show Name - show name in listing
  3. Show description in list - display description in initial listing
  4. Show description in PopUp - display description in Lightbox
  5. Sort by position - Order the images by their natural position
  6. Sort by name - Sort the images by their names
  7. Sort in reverse order - Reverse the order the images are displayed
  8. Thumbnail height (px) - Height of thumbnails in initial listing