The Smiley extension is a helper package to parse any kind of Strings, to replace textual smileys like ;) into something like ;-)

The textual smileys will be replaced by working HTML <img src="/path/smiley.gif"> TAGs.

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Install and then apply the Smarty modifier smileys to any String you like to be smiley'fied.

If you write your own module, you can simply include the Smiley class:


and then parse a String:

$code = "A Hello World :) with a Big Band :band:";
$smileys = Smileys::parseCode($code, false);

The second parameter indicates whether we parse only default Smileys like ;) or even extended Smileys like :lol: or :hbd:.

Smarty modifier

The Smiley Plugin uses a Smarty modifier for easy Template usage.

Please visit its page for further information:

  • {";)" - parse an input string to replace inherited smileys with icons

Included smileys

A small script is included, which lists all existing smileys with the replacer strings. You find it at /addon/smileys/index.php.

Open it with http://yourdomain/pathToBigace/addon/smileys/index.php.