This is an informal page, listing insights about BIGACE.


The Credits screen shows a list of all people how worked on BIGACE and all frameworks that were used to build your version of Bigace (including all extensions you might be running).

Thanks everybody:

I want to thank everyone who helped make BIGACE what it is today; shaping and directing the project, all through the thick and the thin. It wouldn't have been possible without you. This includes BIGACE users and especially Forum Members - thanks for installing and using Bigace as well as providing valuable feedback, bug reports, opinions and donations.


On this page you see under which license BIGACE is released.

Further information about the General Public License can be found at:

* [Opensource.org](http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.php)
* [GNU.org](http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html)


Send any feedback straight from the admin panel. The recipient of this email depends on your system configuration. Ask your aadministrator if you are unsure. If you are the administrator, read the next section.

After a clean installation, the email is sent to the BIGACE core developer, so you are welcome to leave your thoughts about BIGACE here.

If you believe you found a bug or you have a wish or feature request, please come to our BIGACE Forum and post it there.

Send me a copy: You want to receive a copy of your message? No problem! Click the checkbox below the message field and you will receive a copy of your message straight to your inbox (but only when you entered a valid email adress!).

Mandatory fields: You have to enter title and a message, the other fields are optional and can be left empty (even though its better and more friendly to fill them with proper values!).

Change the recipient

Note: Only Administrator are able to change the recipient adress!

Read bigace:manual:configurations:admin:feedback.email on how to change the email address.

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