The Editor provides a simple way of editing a page like you are used from Office software.

The default editor of Bigace is the CKEditor, which will be automatically used when editing a page.


The CKEditor has its own manual, please refer to their websites for more information:

Plaintext editor

The Plaintext editor is an enhanced sourcecode editor, especially designed for HTML experts. It is powered by the markItUp! editor.

Default editor

The default editor is just a fallback when nothing else works. Its simply the HTML sourcecode in a textarea.


Default editor

You might change the default editor by changing the configuration editor/default.editor.

HTML source code

There might be situations where you don't want your user to access the source code of a page. In this case, you can change the permission editor.sourcecode.

HTML source code

You can change the toolbar of the CKEditor (only for the instance used for page editing) by changing the configuration editor/fckeditor.toolbar to one of the following values:

  • minimum

  • simple

  • full The default toolbar is full to give you the best editing experience.