The parse_content filter will be executed after a Smarty (or PHP) Template was rendered. It receives the complete HTML output and the menu as parameter and can replace parts of the content dynamically.

This filter is ONLY called for rendered pages.

Since Bigace 2.7.5 (see Jira Ticket)


The filter is called like this:

echo Hooks::apply_filters('parse_content', $html, $MENU);

Here $html is the rendered page and $MENU is the menu that is displayed.

Example plugin

This example filter replaces the string "[google]" with the Google Logo:

Hooks::add_filter('parse_content', 'myContentFilter', 10, 2);

function myContentFilter($html, $MENU)
    return str_replace('[google]', `<img src="" alt="Google Logo" />`, $html);

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