This page lists the different options to implement templates in Bigace.

A template can be named "layout" as well.

Smarty Templates

Smarty Templates are the default way of using templates in Bigace between version 2.4 and 2.7. In Bigace 3 its supported through an extension.

Find out more about bigace:developer:smarty.

If you don't use Smarty, a hint will appear a in the bigace:manual:index. That info can be turned off with a configuration entry.

PHP Templates

Bigace was originally written to use plain PHP files as templates, which were used to render the pages. You had to use the PHP API to design dynamic areas.

This system is still supported, but deactivated by default, as many end-user do not know how to code PHP.If you are going to use it, you have to deactivate the Smarty engine, see bigace:manual:configurations.

Zend Layouts

Since Bigace v3 this is the new default way to render your pages.

Read more .:zendtemplate.