As developer you might be interested to add an entry to Bigace bigace:manual:about screen. Doing that is possible through two ways:

  1. copying an INI file to the folder ''/application/bigace/modules/admin/credits''
  2. registering a listener for the bigace:developer:filter:credits filter

If you write a PHP extension for Bigace, you should always choose to use the filter! If you don't have a Plugin, you can choose to use the INI way. But remember that INI files are rendered for every Community (even if they don't use your extension).

Example: INI

Create the file ''/application/bigace/modules/admin/credits/foo.ini''

title = "Foo - an INI exmaple for the Credits screen"

weblink     = ""
copyright   = "Kevin Papst"
description = "A longer description to explain your extension, that shipped this file. You can use HTML here, but don't use an apostrophe - only single quotes like this: `<a href=''>`Bigace`</a>`."

Example: Filter

Please read the filter docu of bigace:developer:filter:credits.

Remember that your bigace:plugins needs to be activated, otherwise the Filter will not be executed.