How to get a Gravatar

  1. Register at
  2. Confirm registration with email
  3. Upload your (Gr)Avatar image, Crop it optionally and choose it be be used with your registered email address
  4. Post in a Gravatar enabled Blog to see your images (see Example BIGACE Blogs)

Enable Gravatars in your BIGACE Site

Its easy as this:

  • Download and install the Comments Extension

  • Activate Gravatar support in the configuration

Example BIGACE Blogs

If you know further Blogs or News sites, using BIGACE and the Comments plugin, edit this page and post your link!


There are people outside who afraid of the personal profile data, which could be collected by the Gravatar running company/people. You should Google for more information and read one or two articles before you activate your account!

The biggest problems:

  • You cannot delete a once created Gravatar account!

  • You cannot switch your main email address!

The consequence could be, be to create a free email account and register this one as Gravatar. Post with this email account and be happy :)