FCKeditor (deprecated)

Read the FCKeditor Manual page for more information and external links.

The FCKeditor is a Cross-Browser WYSIWYG HTML Editor, probably one of the most used in the WWW.

The implementation for BIGACE is stable, cause it is the default editor for a long time now.

NOTE: ONLY compatible with BIGACE 2.4!

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When you install this Extension, the Configuration "default.editor" and "fckeditor.toolbar" in the package "editor" will be overwritten!

IMPORTANT: Delete your Browser cache, after you installed a new Version of the FCKeditor, otherwise you might encounter strange problems. This is a problem with cached Javascript files and has nothing to do with BIGACE 8-)

If you still get problems, post them in the Forum with detailed information.


Version 1.0:

  • Using latest Version 2.6 beta (probably unstable), including overlay dialogs instead of Pop-Ups

  • Made it available as Extension, for fast integration of new FCKeditor Versions