One of Andreas Viklunds great (and free!) Website Templates, ported for BIGACE as Smarty Template by Kevin Papst.

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  • Login

  • Logout

  • Edit Content

  • Administration

  • Search

  • 3 level navigation, if activated in Configuration

  • Customized Header and Footer to display search results


{{bigace:extensions:smarty:andreas02.png|Andreas 02 Smarty Template}}


The folowing configurations are available in the package "andreas02":

  2. copyright


  1. If this is set, the top most navigation "Site Network" will show up. Do NOT use the TOP-LEVEL Menu (-1) as starting point! The easiest way is to create a hidden page below TOP-LEVEL and select it. The pages you create below this one, will then show up as tabs in the "Site Network" navigation.
  2. The Copyright holder. Enter your personal or company name. Will be used as Meta TAG author too.
  3. The menu ID for the "Contact" page, linked in the footer.
  4. The menu ID for the "Imprint" page, linked in the footer.

Open tasks

Here are some ideas for future updates:

  • static introduction text

  • static image in right menu

  • no language switch

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