The {breadcrumb} TAG shows a Breadcrumb navigation. The bredcrumb is the way back from the current site, up to the Top Level Page (Home).

-> Since BIGACE 2.1.

FIXME complete all attributes


If "assign" is set, the HTML rendered breadcrumb will not be returned!

  • assign - (optional, int) Assigns the array with the items on the breadcrumb to the given template variable.

  • id - (optional, int) The ID from where the breadcrumb starts. Default is the current item id.

  • language - (optional, String)

  • top - (optional, int)

  • css - (optional, String)

  • prefix - (optional, String)

  • suffix - (optional, String)

  • counter - (optional, String) Assigns the amount of items on the breadcrumb to a template variable.

  • hidden - (optional, boolean)


This example shows a ...

   {breadcrumb id=$MENU->getID() suffix='ยป'}