The FileManager is an Editor extension, which is highly integrated into the BIGACE environment and more features than the default dialogs.

The current state is Release Candidate! Must of the stuff is now working as expected ... it will be integrated as default file-browser within the next versions.

Please give your feedback what you need, which features you want, to push development into the correct direction.

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Get all downloads from:

FileManager detail page



Upload the ZIP using the Extensions Administration.

Then activate the plugin at Extension Administration - Tab "Plugins".


Version 0.9:

  • show hidden files (BIGACE-22)

  • show parent page in menu browsing

    • fixed problem that top-level page was not choosable
  • added backlinks to allow easy browsing through menu structure

  • use same icons in items and categories

  • added language chooser

    • by default only item is currently choosen language are displayed
    • switch language for all results
    • switch results with current settings (like a choosen menu)

Version 0.8:

  • now works with and without url rewriting

  • usabililty improvements

  • rewritten translations for 2.7

Version 0.6:

  • Removed two header frames with filemanager title and preview link

  • Added support for item folder

  • Added Gallery mode for quick overview of all media files

  • Improvements for 2.5 supporting the plugin framework

  • Improved image listing with thumbnails

Version 0.3:

  • added upload

  • translated all menus and frame title

Version 0.2:

  • Translated error messages and left frame descriptions

  • removed not-implemented links from left frame

  • added simple browsing for menu structure

Version 0.1:

  • Integration of Category browsing

  • Integration of Images and Files

  • Created Javascript and HTML Framework