Administration Framework Features

There are four main parts in the administration framework:

  • the header with the BIGACE Logo

  • the toolbar with the language switcher and other quick links

  • the navigation with links to all administration panels

  • the content or admin panel area

The position of all components may be different from the mentioned one, if you use a different Administration Theme!

Language switching

The drop-down box in the upper right corner lets you switch the language to your needs.

There are a couple of useful quick links to make your Admin work a little easier.

Help - Manual

In each administration panel, you see a Help link in the upper-right corner. Click this link to open a new browser window with the requested manual page.

There is also a quick link in the upper menu bar, that brings you to the main page of this manual.


The Logout Button in the toolbar quits your User session (logs you off) and opens the website's start page.