This Design is the default theme that is shipped with each BIGACE installation.

It was taken from and ported to BIGACE as Smarty Template by Kevin Papst.

It uses portlets for the menu. In the footer you find links to Login and Administration, to make sure that you still have access even with missing portlets.

There is a configuration package for Blix called "blix" with the following keys:

  • copyright.footer - the Copyright String, that is displayed in the Footer, please change to your Company or Personal name!

  • show.footer.login - whether to show the login link in the footer or not (recommended to be true)

  • - if true, Home will be shown in topmenu, otherwise it will be hidden

  • - the ID of your Startpage/Home. Normally it is not required to be changed!

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{{:bigace:extensions:smarty:blix-template-screenshot.png|BLIX Template Screenshot}}